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 It is really a great relief and advantage to be able to work on your computer yet being far away from it. Yes, this is possible with networking solutions that carry your instructions to the remote computer, executes it for you and brings back the results to your screen. UltraVNC is one such solution that combines all necessary protocols, instruction set, mechanism to facilitate you with your objective.


 - It does not need internet, always. It is a remote PC access solution that is easy to install and use. It displays the screen of another computer via internet or any other wired network. 
 - It allows you to use the keyboard, mouse and interact with your system exactly the same way you would if you were in front of it.
 - It uses VNC or Virtual Network Controller with enabled Frame Buffer Protocol to display the remote desktop.
You can always clone your console by running Ultra VNC as a service or just clone your current session by starting it as an application.
Client & Server
Ultra VNC employs a server-client architecture that allows you to use a remote computer almost in real-time. 
 - It consists of a Server package that must be installed on the remote computer. 
 - In the same way a client package or a number of client packages can be installed on all those computers that will be used to remotely connect to the server.

 Once both are installed, the connections are created over the internet or the LAN, if it exists locally.


 It is important to configure your router to allow connections between computers in a LAN without requiring an external DNS lookup. Similarly, it must allow both the server and client computers to be able to identify each other using their previously set IP addresses. 
 - NAT on a router must be properly configured to allow the correct connection. A separate "Repeater" might be required.
 - There can be other improvements like enabling secure SSH logins using plugins. Using Encryption Plugin you can enable stronger security by using longer passwords or predefined keys.

 Overall, Ultra VNC supports all versions of Windows from NT, XP. It also supports Java and hence any system running Mac OS, Linux can be connected using a browser that supports Java plugins. UltraVNC also allows transfer of files between the computers over the network or using the browser.

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